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Jinjiang prosperous emperor food co., LTD. With its broad sea£¬Sichuan and accept all into its vastness£»With its thick mountains£¬Through the vicissitudes of life to bold¡£We are with mountain bold¡¢The broad sea¡¢The good faith¡¢The quality of the pragmatic£¬Professional dedication¡¢Innovative style¡£The pursuit of excellence¡¢The spirit of realizing leap-forward development£¬In order to achieve¡°Building enterprise in one hundred¡±The goal of£¬To the Great Wall inside and outside of the motherland¡¢Great river north and south£¬To fight the market£¬To embrace beautiful bright tomorrow...


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21Series product portfolio£¬Thousands of flavor£¬Attention getter£¬To meet you Taste buds to enjoy

How to choose and buy the candy?
Four kinds of candy have their own characteristics¡¡¡¡Candy products mainly include four categories£¬Candy¡¢Hard candy¡¢Jelly and candy¡£¡¡¡¡Candy is one of the largest fruit sugar confectionery market base£¬Almost all of the candy companies are candy products¡£Main brands have a white rabbit¡¢Golden monkeys¡¢The Alps¡¢Cadbury¡¢Oh oh, etc¡£In the sales£¬Candy companies tend to use a variety of images of the pure way to promote their products and nutritional¡£Such as¡°A half of milk¡±Is the famous symbol of cadbury£¬Means each200Cadbury chocolate candy will contain a half milk¡£White rabbit creamy candy said7Grain of sugar can be rushed into a glass of milk£¬While golden monkey candy xuan
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How to choose chocolate
Vision¡¡¡¡Vision is all products intuitively first impression to the person£¬Like many men see beauty just two mixtures£¬Can provide a good chocolate appearance of strong visual impact£¬Good chocolate£¬Surface brightness¡¢Neat appearance£¬The cross section of uniform£¬Smooth appearance£¬No bubble¡¢No bug eat by moth¡£Consumers can also according to their acceptance of cocoa taste to choose suits own chocolate£¬Because in general£¬The higher the cocoa content£¬Taste is more bitter£¬Dark chocolate is basically all is cocoa£¬So is the most bitter chocolate£¬Appearance is brown;Top slightly more pure chocolate cocoa content£¬Products
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The nutritional value of chocolate
Chocolate as a kind of delicious food is popular around the world£¬In terms of nutrition£¬People pay more attention to the quantity of heat of chocolate and sugar£¬In fact, chocolate is a highly nutritional value of food£¬Chocolate is not only rich in fat¡¢Carbohydrates£¬Also contains rich protein and various kinds of minerals£¬Due to the structure of the chocolate£¬Make it can be quickly absorbed by human body£¬At the same time, chocolate contains a lot of heat£¬Can provide function of human body in a short period of time of energy supply£¬According to the scientists found£¬Chocolate can provide quite a number of the nourishment of the human body need everyday£¬Only1.4An ounce(Jn40G)
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